Getting the age pension (and your Seniors Card)

You’re nearly there. After a lifetime of toil – of digging, building, thinking, manufacturing, planting, helping and nurturing – it’s time for you to enjoy your Golden Years. If you’re an Australian resident, you’re entitled to an age pension and a Seniors Card. Here’s what you need to do next. Age Pension Eligibility To claim … Read more

How to manage changing interest rates

Rising interest rates Before 2022, few of us gave much thought to rising interest rates. After all, they’d been falling steadily for 14 years. That changed when the Reserve Bank began lifting the official cash rate to combat inflation. Now most of us are only too aware of how much interest rates can change and … Read more

How do interest rates affect your investments?

Interest rates are an important financial lever for world economies. They affect the cost of borrowing and the return on savings, and it makes them an integral part of the return on many investments. It can also affect the value of the currency, which has a further trickle-down effect on other investments. So, when rates … Read more

Budgeting tips

Good ways to budget In this article, we look beyond the basics and focus more on what it takes to stick to your budget. Here are five tips to help you stick to your budget. 1. Stocktake. Spending more than you earn? Subtract your total weekly expenses from your total weekly income. How’s it looking? … Read more

How much super you need

Take some of the guesswork out of planning for the future. Work out how much super you’ll have when you retire, and if it will be enough to fund the lifestyle you want. It’s never too soon to start planning for a better financial future. Estimate how much super you’ll have You probably know how … Read more

Banking on the Age Pension

The ranks of Australians receiving the Age Pension are increasing. It’s important to understand who is eligible and its role in retirement planning. Just days before the 2023 Federal Budget was handed down on 9 May, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released a new report including data on the number of Australians receiving the Age … Read more

Will these super changes affect you?

As our superannuation balances grow larger, it makes more sense than ever to keep track of the many rules changes that have recently happened or are coming up soon. Australians are investing more in super – almost $151 billion dollars in the year ending March 2023, an increase of 11.3 per cent.i Those extra contributions, … Read more

What to do if you’ve been scammed

Think you have been scammed? These steps will help you take action quickly to stop the scammers and limit the damage. Know that you are not alone and you can recover from this. There is support available, if and when you need it. Act fast if you’ve been scammed If you’ve been scammed, follow these … Read more

Options and costs of government-funded aged care

If you need help in your home, or can no longer live independently, the Australian Government provides a range of aged care services. These services are subsidised, but you need to contribute to the cost if you can afford to. Where to start The first thing to do is think about what you need. You … Read more

Setting yourself up for success in the new financial year

The start of a new financial year is the perfect time to get your financial affairs in order. Whether it’s tidying up your paperwork, assessing your portfolio or dealing with outstanding issues, there are plenty of practical actions you can take. Here are some strategies for starting the new financial year on the right foot. … Read more

Planning to retire

Before you retire If you’re planning to retire, you need to consider: your age including if you have reached your preservation age when you can access your super how much tax you will pay on amounts you receive if good leaver conditions apply if you are part of an Employee Share Scheme if the retirement capital … Read more

The pros and cons of being a sophisticated investor

Many Australians now technically qualify to be certified as a sophisticated investor, but what are the benefits and risks? Sophisticated is a word that can have a wide range of connotations. In the subjective sense it may be used to describe people considered to be well educated, knowledgeable and experienced. But there is an entirely … Read more