Credit card balance transfers

A credit card balance transfer is when you move the amount you owe (the balance) to another credit card. The new interest rate on the balance you transfer may be either 0% or a special low rate for a limited time. If you can pay off the balance you transfer within that time, you may … Read more

Sorting mortgage facts from fiction

Among all the voices analysing the Australian property market, you’ve probably heard many truisms about how to secure a home loan. The real truth is that there are lots of options. We thought it was time to correct some frequent misconceptions we hear from our clients. Hopefully this will help you identify the path to … Read more

Life in retirement keeps getting more expensive

The latest rise in the Age Pension rate still falls short of what many people may need to have a modest lifestyle in retirement. Around 2.58 million Australians received a 1.78% government Age Pension payment boost on March 20 as part of Centrelink’s twice-yearly indexation review. They included the 1.76 million people who receive a … Read more

Memory loss, dementia and your money

Memory loss can make it difficult to stay in control of your money. Things like checking bank statements or investments, or paying bills may become challenging. If you’re starting to struggle, it’s time to put some safeguards in place. A few simple steps will help you and your loved ones protect your money and prepare … Read more

Planning financially for a career break

A pause in super contributions can have long-lasting effects. Here’s how to plan ahead for super breaks. There’s a host of reasons why people take career breaks. Having and raising children, or taking an extended holiday or sabbatical, are the most common reasons. Vanguard’s 2023 How Australia Retires study, based on a survey of more than 1,800 … Read more

Giving your portfolio a caffeine inspired boost

With interest rates likely to fall this year, borrowers could invest some or all of their mortgage repayment savings. Inflation may be coming off its high, but the retail price of coffee isn’t likely to lose any monetary steam. Depending on where you buy, the average cost across Australia of a regular-size takeaway cup of … Read more

Choosing between a credit card or personal loan

Personal loans vs credit cards Upcoming travel, car upgrade, Christmas festivities or home renovations on the horizon? If you need access to money to cover costs like these, you might be considering a personal loan or credit card. Choosing between the two can be tricky. We’ll explain the differences and why one may be a more suitable borrowing … Read more

Develop an investing plan

Planning is the key to successful investing. Creating a plan will help you find investments that fit your investing time frame and risk tolerance, to help you reach your financial goals sooner. 1. Review your finances Before you invest, review your financial situation. Write down what you owe (your debts) and what you own (your … Read more

When you can access your super early

Overview You can access your super early in very limited circumstances, including to pay certain expenses on compassionate grounds, as well as terminal illness, incapacity and severe financial hardship. Access on compassionate grounds You may be allowed to withdraw your super early on compassionate grounds to pay for: medical treatment for you or your dependant medical transport … Read more

The potential estate complexities of dying without a will

Having a legally valid will can go a long way to avoiding disputes over the division of your assets.  What did the artist Picasso, musicians Bob Marley and Aretha Franklin, and billionaire entrepreneur Howard Hughes have in common? If you’re thinking they had amassed large fortunes before their deaths, you would be correct. But another … Read more

Markets love certainty, but what happens next?

Financial markets can be like finely tuned racehorses, poised to gallop ahead under ideal conditions but often highly reactive to unexpected events. It’s often said that the markets love certainty. Investors feel more confident when economic conditions are stable and predictable. But certainty in financial conditions is never a sure thing. Uncertainty is always just … Read more